Moringa Magic TIA (this is Africa)

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We have been so busy looking for the right partners to work with… That I didn’t find time to write my blog. So sorry.

Yes let’s say TIA (this is Africa). I took us almost 2 years to get everything right, but now we have a trustworthy team! From the farmworkers at Pia Manzi (Waters Edge), to the processingplant in Lusaka, to the capsulating company and per airfreight to The Netherlands. Everybody is totally commited.

There are many people interested in what we do, and we are thankful for that!
Last week for example we got into contact with Malcom Riley, The African Chef from The UK. Het is originally from Zambia and is inspired to cook with local produce from the African continent. He was the first person to introduce Boabab Super Fruit to The UK!
He caught our attention when we came across his article about Moringa:
And nog we are looking for opportunities to be able to work together.
Love that!

The whole chain of the process is based on our main princples: The Moringa Project empowers people, groups and communities in Zambia to establish moringa plantations for improved health and nutrition, economic empowerment, poverty reduction, and sustainable development.
And we added: We need to make sure that all the people in Europe and USA are able to use Moringa to overcome obesitas, first world diseases (like cancer, diabetes, depression etc.) and shortage of good nutritious (fresh) food.

In Europe we are looking for partners in all the different countries. You might know interested parties? Please let us know.






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