We live in a strange time…

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We live in a strange time…

Did you hear about the trillion dollar lawsuit (http://www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1022-lawsuit-end-tyranny-ii)? It really is an eye opener. And it makes me think the projects I work on are even more important than they already were.
I have the feeling we are really close to finding a solution to be able to start the whole systems design community in Zambia. We went to ups-and-downs and started to think I wouldn’t come together any more…Picking Moringa
But it must. There is a little itch deep down in my stomach saying this is it.
The community based on Moringa and Emergent University is unique and I have been working on it for more then 2 years already (http://imaginezambia.org/projects/waters-edge/). Belly BoySteven and Bert are putting effort in even much longer (@stevenputter @transarchitect).
During Christmans and New years I have been in Zambia and Malawi for 6 weeks. Seeing all the beautiful nature and meeting the people gives me even more power to go on and make sure we will win this!

I regret that there always seems to be a problem with the ‘good old’ money. We have a whole team of about twenty people who put in effortless energy to try and find a way to start. But we need money to secure the land we are going to develop the community on. If we don’t… we are stuck.

I live in The Netherlands and I see all the disconnected people walking past me, looking pale, stressed and unhappy. They should be able to eat some Miracle Moringa and feel the difference.
But as long as there won’t be land, we won’t be able to hand Moringa to the people who need it. Whether you live in Africa or in Europe… we all need it in our own way.
We are going to make this happen! I will keep you posted.

Want to know more about our projects? Please contact us: info@miraclemoringa.eu of @mmoringaeu

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