Our Visit to Zambia

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We were really excited!
By the begining of december we finally had the opportunity to travel to Zambia.
Our friends from www.imaginezambia.org were there to pick us up at the airport and gave us a warm welcome.

Soon after we arrived we saw our first real Miracle Moringa tree! The trees are really beautiful and the fresh leaves are tastful.
Steven & Jacqui took us to see the communities they work with: The people of Kamitowo Village in Mpanshya, Chongwe District, Mpanshya Mission Hospital in Mpanshya, Chongwe District and Mafungo Village Community and Lusaka Provincial Women’s Development Association in Mafungo Village, Chongwe District, Lusaka Province.

They showed us the whole production process and learned us everything there is to know about our healthy green product.


For us (Europe branch of Miracle Moringa) it was really good to see and feel the Moringa trees and know where our Moringa produce is coming from.

Moringa really is going to be a good product for European markets but is just as important for Africa!
It is like our partner and friend says:’The Miracle of Moringa doensn’t lie in the tree itself. It lies in the perspectives and opportunities of all the qualities of the tree’ (Steven Putter).

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