Moringa Roots, Seeds & Flowers

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Moringa Roots A Moringa root was used by early Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians for its therapeutic properties. It has higher nutrient quantities then seeds and leaves, but it also contains some alkaloids and phytochemical compounds that are powerful toxins. Consumed in large enough quantities one of the toxins can paralyze Read more »

Why Moringa?

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Moringa – The Miracle Tree Moringa Trees Feed the Hungry, Cure the Ill, and Purify Water   Declared as the “world’s most useful tree,” by ScienceDaily (Mar. 14, 2010), the drought resistant Moringa Tree has been found to be the most nutritious food plant ever discovered. Moringa Oleifera is the Read more »

Moringa Magic TIA (this is Africa)

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We have been so busy looking for the right partners to work with… That I didn’t find time to write my blog. So sorry. Yes let’s say TIA (this is Africa). I took us almost 2 years to get everything right, but now we have a trustworthy team! From the Read more »

We live in a strange time…

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We live in a strange time… Did you hear about the trillion dollar lawsuit ( It really is an eye opener. And it makes me think the projects I work on are even more important than they already were. I have the feeling we are really close to finding a Read more »

Our Visit to Zambia

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We were really excited! By the begining of december we finally had the opportunity to travel to Zambia. Our friends from were there to pick us up at the airport and gave us a warm welcome. Soon after we arrived we saw our first real Miracle Moringa tree! The Read more »

Zo is het gekomen…

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We noemen de Moringa boom niet voor niets de ‘wonder boom’. Je vindt genoeg info over dit fenomeen op deze site. Maar ook de ontstaansgeschiedenis van MiracleMoringaEU zou je een klein wondertje kunnen noemen. Of beter: wel heel erg passend bij het nieuwe paradigma van de netwerk of creatieve economie. Read more »